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Pain depends on which way you look

New research by British scientists has shown that feeling of pain in humans largely depends on which way you look while you are in pain, reports the BBC. For example, scientists have shown that injections hurt less if the patient looks in the hand while the needle penetrates the skin.

The study is published in the journal Psychological Science, a new discovery of our views on how the brainĀ processes pain. A team of scientists that conducted this research argues that these findings could lead to major changes in the way of treatment of patients in the future.

The project was attended by scientists from University College London and University of Milano-Bikoka and was conducted by over 18 volunteers.

Scientists at the hands of participants lowered special tubes that are heated, and once the patients felt pain, the pipe was removed, and the temperature would be recorded.

In addition, researchers have found that the observation of body parts that are exposed to pain, which are magnified by convex mirrors also reduces doživaljaj pain.

Scientists say that the fact that the threshold of pain directly proportional to the size of the body that helps patients look at to better understand the neurological basis of pain.