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Extend the life with laughing

We know that positive mood affects our health, but is it really true? The latest research published in the Journal of the Association for Psychological Science”Current Directions in Psychological Science “, talk about how positive emotions influence the health status of adults and confirm this statement

”We all grow older. But the way we age determines the quality of life,”said Antony Ong at Cornell University. The data that he presented indicates that positive emotions are an antidote to stress, pain and various diseases.

There are several ways that show how a positive way of life affects the health of people in later ages of life. For example, positive people have a cheerful attitude toward aging, and access to regular exercise and maintaining a healthy mind in later years. It is believed that these people avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking and risky sex. The advantages of this way of life are most evident in adults, when their bodies become more susceptible to diseases.

Optimistic attitude is good and the fight against stress-one of the major causes of many diseases. Studies have shown that people with positive emotions have lower levels of chemicals that are caused by stress. Also, by taking some positive attitudes and avoiding stressful situations people can avoid some diseases that occur as a result of stress.

During graduate studies, Ong became interested in studying the impact of positive emotions on aging. Despite significant loss of physical function in the body, the emotional capacity of a person should remain the same over the years. Ong points out, claiming that the positive mood necessary for good health, adding”a direct, measurable result of well-being is at least one year extension of the quality of life.”