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Cavemen were also drugged

Paleontologists say that our ancestors were also drugged 6.000 years ago with wild mushrooms, probably in the religious rituals.

Thirteen art discovered on the wall of a cave in Spain intrigued the researchers because allegedly showing “wild mushrooms” – mushrooms containing hallucinogenic ingredient psilocybin.

For paleontologists there is no doubt: our ancestors 6,000 years ago drugged with these species, probably in the religious rituals. In the picture a bull, which was found in a cave Pasquale Selva, near the village of Villa del Umo, in the province of Cuenca in central Spain, researchers have recognized the drawings of the local hallucinogenic mushrooms, the Latin name Psilocybe Hispanica.

“This is a mushroom with a handle bent, just like the drawings on the cave wall”, says for the magazine “New Scientist” one of the researchers. If this discovery will be confirmed, it will be the oldest evidence of use of hallucinogenic mushrooms in Europe.

In Algeria there is an even older trace – a drawing type of Psilocybe Maire, aged between 7.000 and 9.000 years ago.