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Have we stopped evolving?

How a man changed from its inception until today, and how much is able to change the future? Scientists agree that continues to evolve, but as an opportunity to, at least in aesthetic terms, regressing.

150 years ago when Charles Darwin formulated the theory of evolution by natural selection, conceived the question is – how the natural tendency to change relates to human. There is no doubt that man is a creature unique in the living world. While white bears need warm fur that endured arctic cold, man, it takes a little imagination and skill to sew warm clothes or make a boat and go where it is warmer. Precisely because of this, animals typical for the ability to adapt, scientists have long feared that human adaptation of nature in accordance with their needs over time cease to evolve. Simply, our Mother Earth is no longer a challenge.

Stephen J. Gold, the famous evolutionary biologist once said: “People are biologically not change, but 40,000 years ago. Everything we call culture and civilization made the same bodies and minds.” It turns out that he, like many other scientists wrong. It denies him the ability to map the human genome breakthrough in understanding human evolution. So scientists can compare the DNA of thousands of people around the world see how genetically different, and whether and how we evolved.