Energy drinks have bad influence on cardiac rhythm

Doctors warn that children should not be given to drink energy drinks because they contain caffeine and other stimulants that kids do not need and which can disrupt heart rhythms and cause other side effects and health problems.

Energy drinks also contain vitamins and some extracts of which children are not needed because their bodies are still developing. Earlier this year in the journal “Pediatric” published another report in which pediatricians warn that energy drinks may cause seizures, kidney problems and liver damage in children. Although such cases are rare, doctors warn that there is a danger.

Doctors say that the water is the healthiest for children, and if the child is intensely involved in sports, it is good to drink and a sports drink because it has sugar in them. If the child is engaged in some intense sports and less active, you may want to avoid the sports and energy drinks because it would be hit the few extra pounds.

In most cases it is difficult to label the bottle to estimate how much caffeine is in the product. Some energy drinks by the bottle with more than 500 mg caffeine, equivalent to 14 cans of soft drink.