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Little things make life beautiful

Daily rituals that we forget: the first morning coffee, browse the newspaper or reading a book at bedtime improve life in terms of quality.

What is your favorite ritual? There you have it all, whether you come to do something that pleasure to you, take at least five minutes to run after money, career, love … And that’s exactly in this order, because, they say British psychologists, this is the way to go most of the inhabitants of this planet. However, if a little slow down, take a breath, relax, think, almost all realize they are completely forgotten about small, everyday joys that make life living.

The first coffee, browse the newspaper, reading a book at bedtime can improve in terms of quality life than you think. Bring in your life rituals that with you cause pleasant sensations. It can be so much… It is important to consciously perform this ritual to encourage good feeling. The method of greeting may be a ritual, if you is special in some way. Or, fresh flowers in a vase on the dining room table that will brighten up any meal, watching the stars in the serene night, walk in the woods or the park…

Doctors and psychiatrists in Germany for decades have studied whether and how “everyday little things” have an impact on physical and mental health and the results were fascinating. In fact, people who practice a daily ritual better with stress, while those with more than three daily rituals have five years of longer life expectancy than average age in the fitter and healthier.