Science and recreation

A hundred years ago recreation was not a skill and science had nothing to do with recreation except that some recreation was done outside, which is part of natural science. Well, those beliefs have dramatically changed. We look at recreation as a skill now and we rely on science to help us improve our ability to perform in a productive, efficient, and resourceful way. Exercise which was once considered only recreation is now a skill, and Exercise Science is the study of that skill, which is part of the field of “Sports Medicine”.

“Kids look forward to recreation” but the new definition and the science of recreation itself has changed what they believe that skill is. Recreation now means the skill of doing nothing, but even when they do nothing, science gets involved. There are always science questions about the nature of doing nothing. What benefits can come from nothing? Is this nothing a habit that is creating mental issues, which will affect the ability of that kid to be a contributing adult who learns how to perform the skill of recreation the right way; right meaning scientifically?

Adults who do nothing don’€™t produce and recreation these days is about producing something that will advance society, by setting records and conforming to rigid beliefs about ourselves. Maybe it’€™s time to change the definition of recreation again and add a science that puts the fun back on top of the list.

“At the turn of the 21st century the newest revolution in the workplace is a technological revolution that has seen workers replaced by technology and newer technology added to the products we buy every day.”

The old definition of recreation, which was just to have fun has been completely remodeled by our thoughts about it. In the quest to be the best we can be in everything we do, recreation now includes a scientific list of does and don’€™ts as far as health issues, competitive spirit and the ability to learn something about ourselves. Fun has dropped down the list and is suffering from the altitude change.