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Technology Creates Its Own Recreational Toys

There is always that phase in the creation of new technology where anything can be considered a recreational item just because of the novelty of the new technology. For example, when the first robot vacuum cleaners were introduced they sold in large numbers because of the novelty of the technology. Once people attempted to put these neat new gadgets into practical situations they began to realize that while it was a neat idea the technology still needs work before there can be any practical use for the product.

People are always fascinated with new technology and when something based on new technology is released there can be a large amount of hype created around the release of the product that can get people to purchase the product whether they need it or not. Even products in what seems to be endless development can still captivate the worlds attention when even the slightest advance is made. To see an example of this one only needs to see the furor created every time a Japanese company introduces a new robot function that brings robot seemingly one step closer to being human. A robot able to kick a soccer ball caused an international media frenzy for days.

Science is serious business for some and a source for new toys for most and that seems to be what keeps funding future scientific endeavors. People never seem to tire of watching the newest scientific advancement being rolled out and if that advancement can add to someones recreational experience then it gets even more attention. When the first in-car DVD player was introduced it caused quite a sensation and the sensation lasted until the first in-car video game system was introduced some time later. Science moves fast and that is just as well because theĀ public’sĀ attention span is not very long.