The Difference Between Advanced And Recreational Golf Balls

The balls that are used to play golf have been developed over the years to be as efficient as possible and to offer players the best results regardless of the type of swing that is used. Cutting edge technology is used to form the balls and weight them so that they are perfectly symmetrical and conform to the standards that are defined in the rules of the game. New techniques can even place the dimples on the balls so that they can fly as far as possible while also remaining relatively stable in the air.

Golf balls are divided into a few broad categories. The most popular type of ball that is sold is classified as a recreational ball. These are intended to be used by average players who might not have the best swing. The outside of a recreational ball is very firm and the interior of the ball is soft.

This allows the ball to store energy from even a very light swing. Recreational balls are designed to be easy and inexpensive to manufacture so that players will be able to lose several balls on the field without taking a large financial loss.

Advanced balls are the opposite of the recreational variety in almost every way. An advanced ball has a soft exterior and a harder interior. This means that a golfer who is using an advanced ball must strike it with a large amount of force in order to get the ball to fly a long distance. The soft exterior is very beneficial for low speed putting, however, since it responds better to the stroke. Unlike some of the cheap golf balls that are used recreationally, advanced balls are composed of several different layers of material and can potentially be far more expensive to produce than a recreational ball.

Special thanks goes to Brad Murray for this article.