Dress for success on the golf course

golf clothingGolf can be as frustrating at times as it is relaxing at others. Those who love the game can be found many afternoons, evenings and weekends during the spring and summer taking advantage of lovely weather to get in a quick round with friends. As with any sport, however, it is imperative that players have the correct golf clothing when taking to the course.

On the surface, it does not seem to matter what type of clothing a golfer wears. The inexperienced player or fan may believe any type of shoes, shirts and shorts will do. That is not always the case, however. Serious golfers understand that a big part of success on the links is found in what clothing they are wearing.

Golf shoes are far different from street shoes, or the shoes worn for other sports. While they are similar to the cleats worn for track, the shoes are sturdier and made for security while the player walks around the course. There are generally very small spikes, sometimes even made of rubber, on the bottom of golf shoes that allow the player’s feet to better grip the fairways and greens both during and after swings for extra stability. Buy top of the line golf shoes online in order to make sure your feet are prepared to play, even if the rest of you is not!

When it comes to clothing, loose, breathable fabric is key. Thin polo-style shirts are preferred by most golfers who want to be able to move while still looking good on the course. Shorts should be long enough to provide coverage, yet short enough to allow the player to keep cool. Some golfers prefer loose khaki pants instead.

Wearing the correct clothing can help a golfer excel in his game as well as fit in with the crowd. Though individual efforts are rewarded, golf is an extremely social game, and the right gear can make all the difference.