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Euro 2012 Final tickets

Euro 2012 host citiesSports are just as popular in foreign countries as they are in the United States. With the Euro 2012m which is being held in Ukraine and Poland fast approaching, Euro 2012 final tickets are now on sale for games that are being played which start in June of this year. (For more on Euro 2012 tickets see

Tickets for a football game on June 8, 2012 are now being sold. The game features Poland against Greece. Greece at the National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland. Three categories of seats are available to anyone wishing to attend. Category one seating will cost 4850 per ticket, Category two seating is priced at $650 and Category three seating is being offered for $450. Most of the seats are between goals on both sides of the stadium. However, the less expensive seats are located at the left side corner of the goal line. (For more information on Poland visit

Another game is taking place on June 8th at the Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw, Poland. This football game also offers three categories of seating. Category one seating will cost visitors $625, Category two seats are priced at $325, and Category three seating arrangement will cost visitors $325. Essentially, the more costly the ticket the better seating arrangement is assigned.

On June 9th a game which features the Netherlands against Denmark. The game will be held at the Mentalist Station in Kharkov Ukraine. Category seating is also offered at this game. Tickets are being sold for $750, $490 and $250. The more expensive seats are of course give visitors a better view of the field as well as the players involved.

Finally, On June 9, 2012, Germany against Portugal takes place at the Ukrayina Stadium. Category one seating is being offered at a cost of $525, Category two seating will cost $375 and finally category three seating is being offered for $250. It is recommended that tickets are purchased well in advance to receive desired seating arrangements.

If you are interested in football and plan on visiting one of the countries where the games are taking place, you may consider attending one of these games. Tickets can be purchased online.

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