Bicycling the USA tour Jan17


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Bicycling the USA tour

It is said that every dog has its day of luck. Michael Walters of Washington, USA found this out when he played the online FoxyBingo and won $1000 cash. This is a tidy sum and with all other needs catered for, Walters decided to buy a popular bike that will help him in go for bicycling the USA trails.

The experience

In order to have the most memorable events in the biking trails, it is ideal that one prepares well for the adventures. This means getting to know the best places to go biking in the US. First with a new bike just from the manufacturer Walters prepared by arranging all the necessary items needed like the maps, the water to use when thirsty, the clothes to use and communication gadgets to use in case he gets lost.

The timing

Bicycling the USA trails require a lot of keenness. This means the ability of one to cycle to different routes without getting lost and stopping because being tired. In order to beat all this hurdles, Walters has to find the soft trail that has fewer mountains inside Washington and Old Dominion RR Regional Parks. The route stretches from Appalachian mountain through Washington.

Scenes and hurdles

Though fun to bike in this famous trail, there were so many things to consider and see while riding in high speed down the hills. For once there are many animals that cross the path unexpectedly and without proper riding experience, Walters had to dodge them one by one especially down hill where speed is high.

The most memorable experience for Walters were the corners that had to be taken after short distance. With cliffs and only one way to follow, the bends provided among many things the challengers which every biker needs to be aware.

Finally the return path to Washington from the bicycling experiences was much hard as Walters was more tired. This is because he was not an expert and by the end of the day, he had to thank his stars for the win which enabled him to accomplish his dream of taking bicycling experience.